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Worldwide there are over 3 million satisfied Swissflex eyewear customers, including many well-known personalities from the arts, sports and politics. Swissflex eyewear is available on every continent and in 35 countries. Swissflex is all about comfort, individuality, and quality. The Swissflex eyewear brand is protected by patents and has won several design awards. Swissflex — feels like wearing nothing!

2.5 by Eyephorics is a carefully crafted, precision-made eyewear concept incorporating a lightweight, high-technology material, applied for the first time to eyewear design. Comfort is at the forefront of their innovative designs.

Kawasaki, an award-winning industrial designer, has approached his signature collection with an artist’s mind for creative design and a mathematicians mind for precision. Durable and lightweight are the keystones to the sophisticated design philosophy of Kawasaki.

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