In the tradition of affordable luxury and quintessential vintage style, Seraphin is a collection that hearkens back to a time and place when definitive sophistication and the power of romance drove the fashion world towards a distinct, unequivocal aesthetic.

Seraphin currently features frames and sunglass styles utilizing the finest Italian zyl and metals available today.

Made in Japan with manufacturers unrivaled for their quality and expertise, Seraphin promises to impress even the most knowledgeable eyewear aficionado with its attention to detail and exacting use of materials.

As a collection, Seraphin can only be described as stunningly precise and eloquent.

Sunglass lenses are polarized A/R. Titanium, laser engraving, crystal accents and precise, durable hinges are utilized to maximum effect in each design.

Spearheaded by co-founder and designer David Spencer, Seraphin currently finds itself in the international forefront of eyewear and accessories with sleek, on-trend designs appealing to a broad and discerning range of clientele. At the center of Mr. Spencer’s design approach, style and function merge into an easily translatable and affordable product, appealing to a wide range of eyewear fans.

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