Scojo New York

Dr. Dan Lieberman and designer David Spencer are the driving forces behind Scojo New York. With over 10 years experience in the gift industry and 30 years experience in optometry and public health, this team is committed to bringing the finest reading glasses to market and impacting social change through trade.

Our mission is to create a company that:

creatively balances the financial and human needs of our stakeholders, employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and shareholders;

diligently ensures that our business is sustainable by meeting the needs of our customers. The recipients of our service are dedicated to the pursuit of health and economic development by introducing ready-made reading glasses to the millions of people in developing countries whose livelihood depends upon clear up-close vision;

meaningfully contributes to local, national and international communities in which we trade, by adopting a code of conduct that ensures care, honesty fairness and respect;

passionately campaigns for the alleviation of poverty, health for all and the right to sight;

and tirelessly works to narrow the gap between rich and poor, while making employment, passion and compassion part of our daily lives.

TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal) is a New York neighborhood and the birthplace of Scojo Vision. Its rich history, texture and stylish simplicity inspires us. Historically, TriBeCa was the center of the fresh fruit and produce market, the shipping capital of the United States and the site of the Woolworth Building – the first skyscraper in America. Today, the majority of industries in TriBeCa have relocated, leaving behind large, convertible spaces that have attracted artists, filmmakers, and new residents into the neighborhood. Unique cobblestone streets, a mixture of architectural styles and renowned restaurants attract people from around the world.

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